Ravi Zacharias is a Charlatan


He says “Because sexuality is sacred too. you cannot violate it” “how do you treat sacred one and desacralize the other?” ANSWER: Jesus in Matthew 19 mentions Genesis 1:27 and 2:24 In relation to the ideal of one man one woman marriage. the fault is with god himself violating the original design he made by allowing men to have more than one wife(and by the way, women don’t get to marry more than one husband in all fairness). check out Genesis 25:6, 2nd Samuel 5:13 and finally 1st Kings 11:2–3 where god doesn’t have a problem with Solomon having 300 concubines and 700 wives and princesses but does have a problem with him marrying out of his own tribe! and finally, the proof that this concept of sexuality is nothing but hatred masked as a moral standard is Romans 1:32 that says it is right to kill literally the homosexual or lesbian. I welcome anyone to challenge this theological assessment. “Righteousness is just another form of damnation.”


Well first of all, not only does God never approve of these actions in the old testament, but we see negative consequences come of them. Genesis 25:6 shows that Abraham did not love the children of his concubines as much as the son of his wife and disconnects emotionally from them. In 2nd Samuel 5:13, David’s taking of concubines and wives can be seen as part of the slippery slope that led to him lusting after Bathsheba, committing adultery, and killing her husband. Plus, David’s multiple wives led to the Annon, Tamar, and Absalom tragedy. As for Solomon, the results of his actions are revealed in the same verse as the number of wives is told: “and his wives turned away his heart”. His multitude of wives led to him turning from God which led to his kingdom being constantly attacked and the entire nation being torn in two under his son. The problem with your argument is that it requires someone like God to step in and personally punish every sin. In reality, the laws and morals of the world are already set up and going against that morality naturally ends in suffering. The greatest proof I have for this argument is the very chapter you used: Romans 1. In it is stated that righteousness of God is in the Bible so that the righteous will live by faith. But, the wrath of God is revealed against the unrighteous and unholy, including directly referencing homosexuality. And what was the wrath of God? Simply allowing them to continue practicing those sins they had fallen into as their minds fell deeper into sin. And that statement they about how they know they deserve to die? Romans 6:23 says the wages of sin is death but the gift of God is eternal life. It never says it is right to kill a homosexual in any way but simply reminds the reader that a person ever committing any sin cannot have eternal, abundant life except through Christ’s sacrifice. The problem with homosexuality for Christians, as it is with any sin, is that it is a corrupted, lesser image of what God intended and we want people to experience the full, abundant life that is available instead of settling for an imperfect idea.


Hello Adam! and thank you for the challenge. You seem to be saying there are two different moral lines to be drawn..the law (made by god) and the personal god punishing every sin. as for Genesis 25:6 it seems to me that Abraham is a dead beat dad to me. the only sin i see is being a bad parent and that’s on him(how come god doesn’t call that a sin?). as for 2nd Samuel 5:13, that’s one possible interpretation, i will quote one of my own essays to answer this.. “Is the law really much of a standard of the almighty? we see in Leviticus that god laid it out about how one should act in chapter 20 verse 7 “Sanctify yourselves therefore, and be holy. for I am the Lord your God.” 20:10 “And the man that committeth adultery with another man’s wife, even he that committeth adultery with his neighbour’s wife, the adulterer and the adulteress shall surely be put to death.” God never seemed to take his own ideas all that seriously when all a man had to do to avoid adultery was to marry more women!”

As for Solomon, 1st Kings 11:1–2 “But king Solomon loved many strange women, together with the daughter of Pharaoh, women of the Moabites, Ammonites, Edomites, Zidonians, and Hittites;” “Of the nations concerning which the LORD said unto the children of Israel, Ye shall not go in to them, neither shall they come in unto you: for surely they will turn away your heart after their gods: Solomon clave unto these in love.”

It specifically says what the sin is, having wives outside of the tribe, not how many wives he had. if having that many wives was a concern, it was a secondary concern, not the main basis for sin.

“the righteous will live by faith” i have heard this statement used as the benchmark the whole time i was a believer, and the way i was led to take that statement was “this faith is a logical faith, and if it doesn’t make sense, you must reject it.” i dared to believe it, and i still do as my cry to what is known and unknown..i have no fear in in the unknown, it’s in what is known that most are never wanting or daring to see as it might mean you are wrong. that is one of the great fears of the living..that you might be wrong!

The Romans 1 passage..In order for you accept the notion of the wrath of god, you have to believe that everyone of these souls are evil. in that very passage in verses 1:29–31 Paul says in each verse that these gay men and lesbian women are evil and therefore worthy of their punishments and sufferings and even not allowed to live their lives..if this is what righteousness looks like or stands as, i can have no part.

In Genesis 6:5, we see the cause of god committing mass murder, if you accept this story as real, you have to believe that all of those souls..men, women, children, grandparents were evil. i in my heart with real love cannot accept that. i must have a love beyond the love of the god of the bible!

I will end with this, the meaning of the word Evil in Genesis 6:5 is linked to the meaning in Job 42:11.

“Then came there unto him all his brethren, and all his sisters, and all they that had been of his acquaintance before, and did eat bread with him in his house: and they bemoaned him, and comforted him over all the Evil that the LORD had brought upon him: every man also gave him a piece of money, and every one an earring of gold.”



A Dimensional Being Looking Through The Lense Of Material And Immaterial Realms To Reach Our Spiritual Journey In Evolution.

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William Scott Mc Fadyen

A Dimensional Being Looking Through The Lense Of Material And Immaterial Realms To Reach Our Spiritual Journey In Evolution.