Puritanical Is Political.

William Scott Mc Fadyen
4 min readOct 31, 2019



How is it that the puritanical gets to use and destroy a woman’s position of power while a man gets away with it ?

Katie Hill Did something wrong by having a relationship with a female staffer that may have been consensual in terms of her life, but not with her position of power, and that should be made to account for.

But …

Considering that the Thing in the whitest house gets to brag about sexual assault and have aduterous sexual relations with a porn star, where is there a moral line to be made ?

We can clearly see that the double standard seems to swing its ugly head when some purity test is declared. politics has used well the superiority of behaviours and actions to stop good people from having power to make a difference. and we all lose when we don’t allow the other purity test to be shown which is Repentance !

America always loves to run in part on this innocence train lead under the guise of christian values — as American as Apple Pie ! and yet i see what has become of these values in the time i used to be a full on christian .. it sure seems to me that as the belief system has moved to become more in line with political moves, the more the faithful have had to reconsider what the values are of the underlining faith. i don’t claim christian faith for myself as i do claim Christ for myself, and that embodies itself in the fact that i know what are the core values of what a christian espouses and i respect what it is that i won’t put my own claims of faith to that of what i once believed — i respect it too much ! but, what i have seen since my break from the church is the advancing of self identity as the reflection of god rather than the reflection of god on self. as i was always told that the Self Must Die ! and with that come the beauty of Self Sacrifice ! i never cared for christian cinema as it lacked production values [ A Thief In The Night ] , but never sacrificed the actual values that were put up on screen. and now i see the production values have gotten better and the actual values have shifted !

When the Hell did materialism become a damn Virtue ??? look at films like Saving Christmas and Fireproof that put front and center Money as the Ideal ! i remember the bible saying something about the love of money being the root of all evil !(1st Timothy 6:9–10) when did capitalism become synonymous with the message of Jesus ?!!? didn’t Jesus kick some ass in the temple and made the important distinction between the basis of business and holy places ? many talk about the separation between church and state where Jesus was making the separation about commerce and spirit ! where did this open and honest movement go wrong .. it happened when it decided to be moved by Political Winds , and that is why the church is no longer tied to moorings of the disciplines of doctrine and faith. it let them go for the trappings of Power. and how we have seen the Bride Of Christ start doing tricks with the Whore Of Babylon !

They defend the Monstrosity in the Whitest House that openly espouses defence of nazi’s and racist insanity, giving a mulligan to one who has cheated on his wife with a porn star, doesn’t pay workers that were hired who did good work expecting to be paid what they were worth, lies soo frequently that would make the devil blush, is soo pro-life that it will let people who just want a fair chance to become a citizen in the Divided States of America would rather put these souls into camps that are treated soo badly they die, including children, will do anything to break the law and the constitution to serve its own ends, admires dictators as it wants to be a despot, and the Whore Of Christ wants to literally make a Theocracy under this materialistic maven of destruction !

Oh boy, could i go on !!!

And the beautiful values i saw in the concepts of Shame as it embodies Truth when we let good people make the mark of change by the power of Repentance !

I see that no longer in what the church has become .. There Are No Christians Anymore !

Since there is no accountability anymore, i know hope dies with it.

Accountability should be built on Hope by the Actions of being able to Repent .. to have Faith is when we don’t play Political Games !!!

October 30th, 2019.



William Scott Mc Fadyen

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