Poetry : Liquescence — Version One.


I wish it of my eyes
To turn it of thy lips

The exotic sphere
Her cup drawn

Silken symbolism
Touched quiet
Crossing my ocean

Heart cometh above
As i sip of
The shadow
A slender reach
Comes for my
Turn my prestige
Of your breathe

This cup i return to you.

All at once
My Eyes

The kiss ceremony.

By pure reception of ritual
I will watch over your waters.

Rewritten on september 19th/2011 and rewritten again on january 30th/2023.
Inspired by the film Silk in the scene where the girl shows him
by symbolic ritual , the beauty of desire. [the tea ceremony]
This is a companion piece to the writing . By Water.
“I will watch over your waters
In the ritual of pure reception”



William Scott Mc Fadyen

A Dimensional Being Looking Through The Lense Of Material And Immaterial Realms To Reach Our Spiritual Journey In Evolution.