Poetry : I Can See Hell From Here

William Scott Mc Fadyen
2 min readNov 6, 2022


Rage of ashes
Scatter In a raised.

Another night
has the cold
Hand ..
A blood stare
In mirrored
Horns ..

The sensual blade
Of Satan.

Let the martyrs
In another
As gods change

Of Dominion

Venture capitalist
Of the Kingdom.

We wear our

And sell our

As a flame
Of intoxication.

Endtimes profit
In money shot
Of second
Thy sadist

Terminus theologus
Icarus celestial
As above becomes
Hell will

Sarasens of
By Iblees
Deniers of
Bleed their
Faith dry

By the slither
Of enterprise.

In shards of
The Cross

Can the devil
Be an angel
Again ..

Is a holy

Where demons
Spread their
And angels
Can walk
Hand in hand

Has evil won
By material
Posession ..

Monkeys of eden
Building better

In your false

Make God sign
On the dotted
Line ..

Bring the hallowed
Curses …

Their Beginning
Their End.

Completed on november 5th/2022.

Song inspiration : Competition by Degarmo & Key.

I used to know what it meant to be a Christian , and now that i don’t proclaim to be one , i see that i might be more a christian than those claiming it ..

I was never a dominionist that would occupy the land in totalitarian grip til christ’s return , nor stand with evil politicians of a particualr party who will say anything for a vote and claim god is on our side while voting for the anti-christ , and deny science when it doesn’t line up with the fundamentalism that is schism to reason , and the hate towards gay and lesbian and transgender souls who need understanding with love to know they are not our enemy , or become capitalists with a mandate to make the gospel sing in materialism by cultic blind obedience ..

What The Hell Is This ?!!?

This is my response of how the devil needn’t do much to get man to walk away from the spirit when they can claim to worship and let these hearts run completely astray …

The thought of suicide is a powerful solace : by means of it one gets through many a bad night.
— Friedrich Nietzsche, Beyond Good and Evil

The Latin term Saraceni is of unknown original meaning. There are claims of it being derived from the Semitic triliteral root šrq “east” and šrkt “tribe, confederation”. Another possible Semitic root is srq “to steal, rob, thief”, more specifically from the noun sāriq (Arabic: سارق), pl. sāriqīn (سارقين), which means “thief, marauder”. In his Levantine Diary, covering the years 1699–1740, the Damascene writer Hamad bin Kanan al-Salhi (Arabic: محمد بن كَنّان الصالحي) used the term sarkan to mean “travel on a military mission” from the Near East to parts of Southern Europe which were under Ottoman Empire rule, particularly Cyprus and Rhodes.



William Scott Mc Fadyen

A Dimensional Being Looking Through The Lense Of Material And Immaterial Realms To Reach Our Spiritual Journey In Evolution.