I Just Don’t Understand .. Or Maybe I Understand All Too Well.

William Scott Mc Fadyen
3 min readMar 18, 2020


I was watching a debate between michael eric dyson and Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor about the divides amongst African American people.

dyson was for joe biden and Taylor was for Bernie Sanders.

In dysons defence was about saying the usual talking points he is the best candidate to go up against the White Trash Kingmaker and Fucktard and Chief in the Whitest House. which if you look at all the polling, it is Sanders that is the most electable and the most important evidence is the Evolutionary Leftover in an interview admitted that Sanders is the one It fears having to run against ! and dyson made other points about being in the elite position to make change and was willing to adopt some of Sanders ideas.

What wasn’t discussed is regardless of all these points is joe biden is clearly suffering from Dementia ! how is this not a Serious Point to be discussed ??? Sanders may have health issues when it comes to his heart attack, but he still has his mind and is sharp to take on the monstrosity that occupies the most important office in the Divided States of America !

I have started to say that all the people voting for biden must be in solidarity in dementia as the one barely able to stand at a podium(the democratic establishment changed the rules to support the guy who couldn’t possibly hold for an hour or so !) without toppling over !

The candidate that is running in dementia has people voting for him that are also suffering from dementia !!!

So, dyson tries to blame it on Taylor for what she rightly points out is valid points that what you black voters Should be voting for is the one who has been consistent with his values for as long as you can look back at.

Can you say that about joe .. Fuck No !

He has supported the War On Drugs which largely hurts the black community, or the busing issue (remember Kamala’s takedown !), his authorship of the Crime Bill, his fervent support of bill clinton’s welfare reform in 1996 !

He has created a lot of white support over racial concerns !

How the hell can black people vote for this ???

I guess you can say one thing for the white education system : It made Mental Slavery a possibility !!!

dyson tries to make it about a personal insult as a full attack on race when if you dare to believe in Equality .. No Race Or Group Is Monolithic To Be Above Criticism !!!

This is what really drives me crazy about the politically correct mindset is that you can’t criticize or question and group or dare is say it .. Race about the intelligence of who one votes for.

The fact is that nobody wants to say is black voters are voting for name recognition (obama) rather than for ideas or any policies. by voting this way, they are as dumb as any other race !

And the white folk are plenty Dumb !!!

Thinking for yourself is truly an outlier in this day and age and as one who tries to be of the Journalistic mind, I Question And I Criticize Everybody !!!

If you want to vote for status quo thinking, then at least be honest about it. some have a status to uphold while other are just trying to find a strong bit of soil to grab onto some place in the world..

If we all become casualties of truth because we are too busy fighting for the last roll of social staples then we are the doomsayers of a wall street call !

I hope and dream because i want to discover.

I Just Need To Know.

March 18th/2020.



William Scott Mc Fadyen

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