Down With Xenophobia


xenophobia : fear and hatred of strangers or foreigners or of anything that is strange or foreign.


I used to have this guy who i knew was a bit of dullard, on my page and to everything i would post he would have nothing but latent hate towards anything i posted about immigrants in support of them. I let a lot of it go as he wasn’t terribly bright .. but he kept doing it and wouldn’t take the gentle prodding i would give him it terms of what he didn’t know and couldn’t understand. I tried to be forgiving and understanding and also tried to educate him.

But to no avail.

I finally had enough and called him out. Called him xenophobic and racist and just told him to just be honest about it. At least i can take anyone being true to what they are even if that is just a Trodlodyic Mental Midget(thank you Doug Stanhope !) ! just be Fucking Honest !!!!!

I am really getting sick of all these fucking monsters who play the middle ground when in perpetuity, they are waiting for a race war to enjoy their cum shot ethnic cleansing !

Boy ! Martin Luther King was right when he said :

“Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.”

And see that soo much in the latent points made in the P. C. undercloak. Where i hear canadians say things such as “i’m not against immigration, i am for legal immigration.” what the hell does that even mean ?!!? such a blanket statement that sounds good but holds no weight. Everybody is parsing language for the sake of the insufferable sound bite ! How media has made the weight of ideas be forced into a box — The Idiot Box !

I hear the words of calling back immigration to save our land. Sound Familiar ? I hear the racist echo that is espoused from the clarion that is by Twitter, The Destroyer Of Worlds via the Whitest House that cries America First !

The only way to fight Stupid Hatred is with Intelligent Hatred !

I have equal contempt for all the leftists who espouse NOH8 ! Hatred has a positive and powerful energy that can change the world for the better. In theology, hatred is defined as a force for motivation, and if utilized by reason and intelligence, it is a positive force for change. And it becomes the cure and the cleansing for stupid hate also known as Xexophobia.

Know The Value Of Your Hatred !

In my country of Canada, we have this ideal of Multiculturalism which in theory is a beautiful notion. But in practice, it is a bit of a mess ! What is the real root of the problem is political posturing that has made the cultural heritage of our nation be compromised. We have a problem with muslims in our country that some(and i do repeat, Some) are try to use the systems against us to try to turn our country into an islamic state and i do think we have to fear some of these. The difference is, i don’t think we should close the borders or build some stupid fucking wall. How about you create better vetting systems and the people to handle it rather than shut down a system that in part empowers a nation. We can work together for the common good — Together !

Be intelligent by being vigilant in the fact of loving your neighbour by knowing what values are of modernity — rule of law, equal rights(for both women and men), no religious tests, a scientific and spiritual sense of meaning, and of course the right to a good life. I take the concept of Multiculturalism for modernity from the great lecture of Lily Yeh and Camille Paglia as the template. Where we can share the differences of perspectives and learn from one another as the ultimate goal is the advancement of knowledge for the sake of the beauty of civilization empowered by Evolution.

Fear is only blind when we don’t allow ourselves to see what is in front of us. Hatred is not the evil we think it is, it is evil when the illusion of evidence is guided by agendas and fundamentalist prejudices. When we don’t allow ourselves to think and observe freely by reasoned thought, we can easily become the ones giving the lethal dose to put someone to death. Where to comply with the order, is to know nothing else — Zyklon B For You And Me !

It would be nice to believe in a world of harmony and peace and love .. but that just isn’t the world we are in, and i don’t think we are evolved enough to head for any kind of utopia as that would be a delusion. We have to realize evil is within us and we have those who have chosen to fully embrace the dark side as the point and purpose of their lives and those foot soldiers who will follow along as the useful idiots of empire — we have to fight them and challenge them at every turn if we wish to have anything sacred and beautiful. when the evil know as well as the good : The difference is what is justified and what is plainly known.

We cannot live on bread alone .. we have to find truth in every dark laden part of being.

What empowers the justifiers is always putting the projection away from themselves and back onto you…and that is a useless fight. The mentally blind are all about the repeating of cycles to hold the line and keep the thoughts going. The best way to fight them is to show them the world that they will lose when we embrace one another of the future. Let they become marginalized by the stupidity of selective reasoning, it will be their undoing ! Be intolerant of intolerance when it walks in the shoes of an upright apparatchik or a brown shirt of a god or a fearless leader .. It Is The Devil You Don’t Want To Know !!!

And when it came to this hapless fool, i kicked him off my page and told him to Fuck Off in no uncertain terms ! We have to not allow latent hate that is stupid and dangerous. And that goes for religious beliefs, secular beliefs, and anything in between. Hate with Intelligence and show how Love can be made manifest when we know how to utilize hate. It is not your enemy when you Know how to use it !

February 19th/2019.



A Dimensional Being Looking Through The Lense Of Material And Immaterial Realms To Reach Our Spiritual Journey In Evolution.

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William Scott Mc Fadyen

A Dimensional Being Looking Through The Lense Of Material And Immaterial Realms To Reach Our Spiritual Journey In Evolution.